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In electrical engineering, capacitive sensing is a technology based on capacitive coupling that is used in many different types of sensors, including those to detect and measure: proximity, position or displacement, humidity, fluid level, and acceleration. Capacitive sensing as a human interface device (HID) technology, for example to replace the computer mouse, is growing increasingly popular.[1] Capacitive touch sensors are used in many devices such as laptop trackpads, digital audio players, computer displays, mobile phones, mobile devices and others. More and more design engineers are selecting capacitive sensors for their versatility, reliability and robustness, unique human-device interface and cost reduction over mechanical switches.

Paramita Electronics is an expert in developing electronic systems and uses capacitive sensing technology to create electronic designs that add value to our customer's businesses. To find out what assistance Paramita Electronics can offer your capacitive sensing design problem, please contact us .

Paramita Electronics is based in Cambridge, the United Kingdom's technology nerve centre. We take advantage of the location and a network of trusted international companies to offer world class electronic product development; using unique local resources of information on capacitive sensing such as Cambridge University Library and the ecosystem of companies in the 'silicon fen' we efficiently utilise capacitive sensing technology to help our clients.

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Wikipedia on capacitive sensing technology []

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