Case Studies of Work by Paramita Electronics:

Endoscopic Simulation

Better Surgeons without Risking Patients

Endoscopic Simulation haptic Feedback electronics design

Paramita Electronics was responsible for the design, and development of the electronics and firmware for a novel endoscopic simulation, haptics device.

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Zigbee Utility Monitoring

Satisfied Client, Advanced Digital Design

Zigbee Circuit Design

A wireless utility monitoring device provided a stimulating design challenge; to seamlessly interface communications technolgies that were a century apart. Paramita Electronics took up the challenge to develop the electronics and succeeded in record time

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World Class Motor Control

Innovative Product Development Delivered

Consumer and Medical Products

Many years experience developing consumer and medical electronic devices mean that Paramita Electronics was perfectly placed to develop this exciting novel motor control system.

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Research and Development

Novel Consumer Product Development

FEA Analysis for caseworks design

'Greenfield' development of a novel consumer device. This project required the development of novel sensors for the creation of a whole new class of consumer product.

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Bespoke Innovation

At the Bleeding Edge of Innovative Product Design

Bleeding edge electronic Design

Paramita Electronics has a wide ranging skillset within bleeding-edge technologies, from handheld devices with technologies like zigbee & bluetooth to high-speed intelligent motor control, Paramita Electronics is your one stop design house.

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